DASH Diet Weight Loss & Maintenance

A wonderful video I wanted to share about the MIND diet, which is a hybrid of the DASH and Mediterranean diets!!  It was developed to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  I have followed a hybrid of the DASH and Mediterranean diets, since June 2009!  As of this June it will be 10 years!   I made many changes since, including a switch to drinking red wine over white, which at the time I did not care for.  Now I far prefer red wine over white.
I was only instructed to follow the DASH diet by my Doctor back in 2009 for my hypertension, but I modified it, because both my mother and grandmother had Alzheimer’s disease. My grandmother who has now passed away, did not get it until later in her life, but my Mother, unfortunately, got the disease very early in life. She required hospitalization and full nursing care by age 70.  I figure if a hybrid MIND diet helps me avoid or even only develop the disease much much later in my life, then it will be worth it.


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