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img_7707I sprained my ankle back in July and I just re-did the twist/sprain, trail running on Sunday.  This only 3 weeks before the Goodlife Fitness 8K Race!! : (   I am almost 3 days into the injury now and think that perhaps it is not as serious as the first sprain back in late July.  I think it was easily hurt, given the recent 1st sprain, for a double whammy of pain.   I have not walked on it very much since, kept it elevated and iced for much of the hours right after the sprain.

Tonight after work, I went to the gym, which is my typical strategy for coping with an injury. I let machines, like the adaptive motion trainer I used tonight, do much more leg work for me.  I spent 1/2 hour working on the precor, until I felt my ankle twinge for the first time and then moved to the rowing machine. I rowed for 18 minutes before I felt the first twinge of pain and did two more minutes with no pain and then stopped.   I did some weights for my arms and that was it because then I went to go see family.

Not nearly as high into the cardio intensity as when I run or include the treadmill at the gym, but still I feel better than I would have had I skipped the workout.  I will take a day of rest and then try to add bike soon.  I am hoping this will keep me in at least some shape for the race, as I likely will not run on it for two weeks, just to be safe. It feels pretty good right now, so I am happy!

This photo with my daughter, that I have included here, was taken just after the 2014 race.  I missed the 2015 race, due to my panniculectomy/skin removal surgery just days before the 2015 race.   My face is very red from running : ))


img_7698I am all registered up for the 2016 Goodlife Fitness 8k Road Race now! Last year I had my skin removal/panniculectomy surgery from my extreme 130 pound total weight loss, just days before the race, so I missed it! I was not able to run again until 6 weeks after the surgery.  2015 marked the first year I had missed the race, since I finished my weight loss process with DASH diet back in 2011.

The Goodlife Fitness race 8k was my first running race ever, as an adult and a huge milestone and achievement for me!  I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I would ever be able to run 8k again, but I did it!   I am back n0w for 2016 and super stoked to run again!

I have included a picture of my daughter and I from the 2014 race.


I just ran 4.47 km at 5.53 minutes a kilometre with @MapMyRun. My run time is faster than my last race time, only one week after getting back to running after 6 weeks off due to panniculectomy/abdominal skin removal surgery! This is happy news and bodes well for my next race!


IMG_4654Now 7 weeks post panniculectomy/abdominal skin removal surgery, my appetite has still not returned to normal and I am down another few pounds on top of the 4 I lost following the first weeks of the surgery.    My husband has been great because he tells me to eat even if I don’t want to.   My appetite for breakfast and lunch seems to be similar, although I am eating lighter at lunch than before the surgery, probably because I am so easily satisfied.  Fortunately he is still hungry at dinner, so he insists on my eating, even if it’s mostly vegetables and a few bites of meat.  We have more leftovers these days.

I am wondering if the fat removal that occurred with the skin removal has something to do with my reduced appetite or if it is still just the lasting effects of the surgery on my appetite? Maybe it’s just the time of year?

I am back to running regularly.  I ran 4 times in the past 7 days, for almost 5k each run. My run times are not far off what they were before the surgery.  My daughter is coming over to run with me again tonight and I am really looking forward to it.

Then possibly some black Friday shopping…online.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US web and page readers and their families! By far, my biggest following of readers has always come from the US and I am super grateful to you all for the support.


getbacktorunningTomorrow I will return to my regular running program after a 6 week hiatus ordered by my surgeon after my panniculectomy/skin removal surgery.  I have done lots of walking since the surgery and lately have increased the speed slightly, while still trying not to engage the core too much until the 6 week mark.  I wanted to add some super special extrinsic motivation to this really big day for me, so I bought new running shoes to add excitement of it all.  I am super stoked for tomorrow!


body-fat-today-151109-tease_889a37fc6f84ca933f4c13c8f8968b33.today-inline-largeIn light of my panniculectomy surgery completion, 5 weeks ago this coming Thursday,  I am wondering whether that surgery will also bring me benefits in this area, considering all the belly fat deposits that were stuck in the pannus folds of skin when it was removed. When I woke up from surgery, the lower abdominal area was completely flat and pulled tight.  Before the surgery, there was a lump and a overhanging fold with the fat deposits inside.

Before the surgery, I read an article that worried me, by someone who had a similar surgery and gained 8 pounds within a week of the surgery.  I guessed that would be because calorie needs were not reduced in light of the lack of movement possible after a major surgery.   I didn’t want to have something similar thing happen and I was worried my own appetite would not cooperate with me. However I have noticed that my appetite still feels reduced from where it was before the surgery.  I wonder if the removal of all the belly fat deposits have anything to do with it or if it is just a coincidence? It could also be because I am not running anymore, but I am still walking 4-5 k most days. It is interesting to ponder anyways.


nycrunningTwo weeks from tomorrow, my surgeon said I can start running again, which has got me excited and thinking about running a lot now that I am 4 weeks post panniculectomy surgery.    I thought it might feel like I was starting from the beginning again as far as my fitness level and running, with that 6 weeks off, but I have a feeling it is not going to be as difficult as I thought.

I think I have retained much of my fitness base and I think all the walking during my time off work was helpful for this purpose.  I am still walking after work as much as I can, but now it is an hour in the dark, which is not my favourite time to walk. I do like running in the dark though for some reason.   I can get the exercise I need done each day, in a shorter time if I run instead of walk.  Much more efficient use of time!   These days my legs feel like they are springing off the sidewalk in anticipation of the running fun to come.


fitness man runningMy pants don’t fit again after the panniculectomy/skin removal surgery, so I went out and bought a few new pairs yesterday, so I can go back to work next week!   I am also looking forward to trying on dresses and seeing if dresses that tighten/taper at the waist might look good on me now.  Before the surgery, with the extra skin hanging off my stomach, it was the last place I wanted to draw attention to.  Now that skin is all gone, perhaps it will be a possibility.

I think I am going to have to do a closet audit though. When I lost 90 pounds 4 years ago, I got rid of my big clothes, the easy way, and gave 5 huge garbage bags of very new clothes to charity. I am a huge believer in getting rid of all clothes that are even slightly too big, rather than keeping them in case you gain weight again. It is much more jarring on the conscious, that you have gained weight and need to take action; when it is reinforced by the need to go to the store and get them, rather than just hitting the back of your closet and pulling out the bigger size.


On Thursday, I will officially be 3 weeks post-panniculectomy/skin removal surgery and then I will be returning to work on Monday. Within days of surgeries completion on October 8th, I noted my weight had fallen about 4-5 pounds.  Now that the swelling is receding, I can tell that all of my pants will have to be replaced with at least a size smaller.  The pants I have now are falling off my body when I walk.  I plan to post some before and after photos after the swelling from the surgery completely recedes.

I returned to my surgeon last week and she suggested I wear silicone tape over the scar for the next 3 months to help improve appearance of the scar as it heals. I purchased a roll of the tape at the office for 25 dollars.  I did not have to have stitches removed as they are dissolvable stitches.   I am still wearing the binder, particulariliy during gentle exercise, which now consists of walking about 6-7 k a day.  She told me I didn’t have to wear the binder all the time, but wearing it would probably bring me comfort.

I won’t be able to run again until November 20th, but I am already looking forward to it.     Excited to run for the first time without dragging along that apron of skin that used to hang all over my abdomen.   I feel so very lucky and grateful for all the support, care and wonderful medical treatment I have received from Island Health and their wonderful staff.


Dollarphotoclub_55535074-960x640Awareness and careful attention when you are doing less physical activity, and how this will affect the calories you need each day, is really important. Since I had my panniculectomy/skin removal surgery 11 days ago, I have been moving much less, but my appetite is only slightly lower than when I was running about 5 nights a week.  Not a good match, so I have to be careful and mindful all the time about what I am eating and why.