DASH Diet Weight Loss & Maintenance


Feel so good after running for 1st time in 5 months!! Now this is the good sweat I remember! 


I am medically clear to return to running again!! It’s been so long and I have not run since March due to a serious back injury. Such a fantastic day!!! I am going to hit the treadmill at the gym after dinner and then soon….road running again!!!

*Dancing with glee!*

This is a picture of my daughter and I, at the Goodlife Fitness fall road race in 2014.


Today was very satisfying and exciting for me because it was my first time on my road bike in more than two years.  Just over two years ago, I injured my wrist, obtaining a 3rd degree sprain from a bicycling accident.  My grand daughter who has been visiting for a week, left today, and after such a nice visit, it suddenly felt like the right time to try the bike again.  My bike has been sitting there tuned up, bike tires pumped up, ready to go for over a month now, but I couldn’t overcome my nervousness to try it again, until today.   It felt so good and I am pumped to be biking again, considering I have been on a running hiatus, since March due to a lower back injury.  Running is by far my favourite form of exercise and I miss it so.
Hopefully my confidence, stamina and wrist holds out, so biking will continue to be an option for me going forward.   My husband is suggesting I go back to wearing my wrist brace while biking for awhile and I think that’s a good idea.
I have been engaging in much more moderate intensity exercise, like walking/fast walking, than intensive, for about 3 months now, which is a huge change.  Biking will give me a chance to step up my intensity again.  As a result of these changes to my exercise regime (due to injury), I have noted my pulse readings, normally in the 50-60 range, are higher. However, my blood pressure readings continue to remain normal and don’t appear to have changed at all.  I continue to adhere to the DASH diet.  There will be some medical tests in my near future, which I think will also give me some more insight into my exercise plans/needs long term, going forward.
I am including a few pictures from the beautiful summer we are enjoyinghere in Victoria and my last blood pressure reading taken on Wednesday.


I have a lower back injury, so I have been taking a bit of a hiatus from running.
Instead, I have been enjoying long walks with my husband in the forest and it is so very pretty in the woods right now! I really enjoy the hikes, but I must admit the running time out is driving me crazy!! I love it so much, I just want to run!!
I have also had to adjust my calorie intake as I think the lack of access to easy cardio opportunities is hitting my metabolism. It means if I cheat at all, it makes it much harder to fix too.
Weight maintenance, at least for me, very much rises and falls in ease, depending on my physical health at a given moment.  It’s like being on a roller coaster ride, all the time, and it’s going to go on for the rest of my life!


Yesterday was my first Oak Bay Merrython race, and also the first Christmas event I attended this year, effectively kicking off my holiday season. I learned only a week ago, I was going to be running 8 kilometres. When my daughter, who also works at Oak Bay Recreation centre, first told me about the run, I assumed she was registering us for a 5K run. Turns out there was no 5K, only a 4K and an 8K, and we were doing the 8K.

It was a gorgeous morning, brisk and sunny, a perfect day for a run by the ocean. It was cold enough for ice to still be out there, but we didn’t hit any icy patches along the way that I could identify. Both of us were not in great shape, nursing various injuries, me in my lower back (my physio has been warning me to take it easy) and she with foot troubles, but between the two of us, we made it, taking a few walking breaks on the way.

It wasn’t a timed run anyways, so time was not important, it was more about mother daughter connection, having fun and of course, exericise! My next time run will the be TC 10K in April. I am including some pictures taken just before and at the merrython. Here is wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!





stongfeetankles200x200_0Last night was my first run/walk on pavement, outside a gym, since the ankle sprain, although I have been hitting the treadmill for up to 25 minutes with no pain. A treadmill is not the road though. There was only a bit of pain during the run that I noted and I am feeling great now. I missed running in the outdoors so much and it’s only been what? 10 days maybe?


img_7707I sprained my ankle back in July and I just re-did the twist/sprain, trail running on Sunday.  This only 3 weeks before the Goodlife Fitness 8K Race!! : (   I am almost 3 days into the injury now and think that perhaps it is not as serious as the first sprain back in late July.  I think it was easily hurt, given the recent 1st sprain, for a double whammy of pain.   I have not walked on it very much since, kept it elevated and iced for much of the hours right after the sprain.

Tonight after work, I went to the gym, which is my typical strategy for coping with an injury. I let machines, like the adaptive motion trainer I used tonight, do much more leg work for me.  I spent 1/2 hour working on the precor, until I felt my ankle twinge for the first time and then moved to the rowing machine. I rowed for 18 minutes before I felt the first twinge of pain and did two more minutes with no pain and then stopped.   I did some weights for my arms and that was it because then I went to go see family.

Not nearly as high into the cardio intensity as when I run or include the treadmill at the gym, but still I feel better than I would have had I skipped the workout.  I will take a day of rest and then try to add bike soon.  I am hoping this will keep me in at least some shape for the race, as I likely will not run on it for two weeks, just to be safe. It feels pretty good right now, so I am happy!

This photo with my daughter, that I have included here, was taken just after the 2014 race.  I missed the 2015 race, due to my panniculectomy/skin removal surgery just days before the 2015 race.   My face is very red from running : ))


img_7698I am all registered up for the 2016 Goodlife Fitness 8k Road Race now! Last year I had my skin removal/panniculectomy surgery from my extreme 130 pound total weight loss, just days before the race, so I missed it! I was not able to run again until 6 weeks after the surgery.  2015 marked the first year I had missed the race, since I finished my weight loss process with DASH diet back in 2011.

The Goodlife Fitness race 8k was my first running race ever, as an adult and a huge milestone and achievement for me!  I never in my wildest dreams ever imagined I would ever be able to run 8k again, but I did it!   I am back n0w for 2016 and super stoked to run again!

I have included a picture of my daughter and I from the 2014 race.