DASH Diet Weight Loss & Maintenance


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A wonderful breakfast recipe video and lots of great tips for creating it.  I do agree that small changes can be super helpful, but it certainly would not have been enough for me lose 90 pounds.  That required calorie restriction, lots of planning, and concentrated, sustained effort.  It is a great approach for weight maintenance though and it is never too late to make important changes to your diet that can help you avoid chronic disease as you age. The recipes you can find on cookspiration are delicious and so healthy, I highly recommend it!


Wonderful news video overview of the DASH diet, nominated best diet for 6 years in a row now.  Some easy ideas for following the diet are highlighted and some tasty recipes are offered, including tasty granola bites.

I often give homemade granola as a gift.  I really appreciate it, when I get it myself because everyone makes it so different.  This year for Christmas, my daughter made me home made granola, jars of cinnamon honey, and bottles of olive oil infused with basil, peppers, garlic, etc.    Edible gifts are always a favourite!


11878994_10155889354415114_5156431224183388649_oMy name is Paul Ambrose and I follow the DASH diet. I do occasionally order a “non DASH type” of meal when out at a restaurant, but at home we only have DASH foods available in our house.

When I met my wife, I weighed 145 lbs and had been that weight since my teens. Six months with her went by and somehow an extra 40 lbs had appeared on my body, when I stepped on the scale. Over the next few years, the pounds crept up, taking me to 205 lbs. Since the transition now almost 7 years ago, to eating healthier and exercise, I have lost around 30 lbs. This gives me a fluctuating weight of between 177 and 180 lbs. Though I only had to lose 30 pounds, there still had to be a plan in place to maintain the loss.

Following the DASH diet has become a lifestyle. Initially, I followed the DASH diet because it was just to expensive for my wife to follow a healthy eating style on her own and have me continuing to eat junk. Over time, I was finding I needed more and more of the junk to even feel satisfied. The thing about eating junk, is most of it is empty calories. You feel full in the moment, but shortly after, all you can to do is sleep or eat again. This is why I follow the Dash diet. It took a little while for me to realize this.

It wasn’t until I actually started playing with spices, cutting out the hidden salt in our cooking, that I discovered how to make food healthy and taste good. Now I am not saying there isn’t any salt in our diet. Most of the products on the shelf, contain some amount of salt. If you’ve added up the amount of salt already in our food, you would find you are getting enough, without needing to add anything. We do not have a box of salt in our cupboard, this is what works for us.
Over the next little while, I will be adding some of the recipes for our marinades and rubs. I encourage you to try them and share them.
Here is a simple honey garlic glaze recipe.

Honey Garlic BBQ Glaze 

  1. 7 freshly shredded garlic cloves
  2. 1 generous tbsp unpasteurized creamed honey
  3. 1 tbsp olive oil
  4. fresh rosemary
  5. 1 tsp Dijon mustard
  6. 1 tbsp no sodium steak/chicken spice (depending on meat). I usually use no sodium steak spice to flavour pork.
  7. ( optional ) 1/2 tsp Jamaica me crazy pepper
  8. 1/4 cup of water (we use some of the broth from the pressure cooker after cooking the ribs)
  • Mix the ingredients in a bowl to make a nice runny paste.
  • Precook the meat in a pressure cooker, oven or on a grill
  • Spread on meat with a sauce brush, put back on grill or in oven (usually 20 mins at 350)

This can also be turned into a marinade as well, by thinning the glaze.


image-2Some fabulous breakfast ideas with recipes from a Registered Dietician!!  Typically I get most of my protein in the morning from the skim milk (9 g per cup), I put on my whole grain cereal, oatmeal, in my tea, coffee, etc.   I love the oat and lentil pancakes idea and I am going to give that one a try, super quick. I always have lentils on hand and it is fantastic to have more ideas on how to use them because they are so incredibly healthy.

After a stomach flu (haven’t had one for 4 years-knock on wood), I eat lentil soup and it helps me to feel so much better.  Like it is cleaning out my system of all the bad stuff.

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