DASH Diet Weight Loss & Maintenance


I can’t wait to read it!  I have been following a hybrid of the diets for about 5 years now, partly because Alzheimers runs badly in my family, so it is important I am not only maintaining a diet to keep my blood pressure low, but also to keep my brain as healthy as possible!  That means defaulting to Mediterranean choices, within a overall DASH framework for me (e.g. low sodium).


Taken Christmas Eve and so far I have managed to get through the holidays without weight gain, thanks once again to DASH diet!

Soon New Year’s will be here, which is the perfect time to commit to or refocus on New Year’s DASH diet lifestyle resolutions. It’s not just for New Years though, better to make it a forever habit like I did and feel better always.


Yesterday was my first Oak Bay Merrython race, and also the first Christmas event I attended this year, effectively kicking off my holiday season. I learned only a week ago, I was going to be running 8 kilometres. When my daughter, who also works at Oak Bay Recreation centre, first told me about the run, I assumed she was registering us for a 5K run. Turns out there was no 5K, only a 4K and an 8K, and we were doing the 8K.

It was a gorgeous morning, brisk and sunny, a perfect day for a run by the ocean. It was cold enough for ice to still be out there, but we didn’t hit any icy patches along the way that I could identify. Both of us were not in great shape, nursing various injuries, me in my lower back (my physio has been warning me to take it easy) and she with foot troubles, but between the two of us, we made it, taking a few walking breaks on the way.

It wasn’t a timed run anyways, so time was not important, it was more about mother daughter connection, having fun and of course, exericise! My next time run will the be TC 10K in April. I am including some pictures taken just before and at the merrython. Here is wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season!





cookies-baking-in-oven-christmasI experienced a 5 pound holiday weight gain between Thanksgiving and Halloween. In fact, I gained this amount twice (10 pounds total). I was five pounds heavier after Thanksgiving and so I worked to lose it quickly the week after it was over, but then I regained it during the recent Halloween festivities.  I just successfully again knocked that 5 pounds off my body this morning.

I lost it super quick each time though, just by moving back to super clean eating with DASH diet, eating main meals earlier in the day, skipping late night snacks, dissing treats/wine and eating a bit less of the nuts/nut butter.

Kind of a pain though. Going to have to pay more attention to my holiday treat eating for certain because I do not wish to keep doing this.   Letting it slip is just no fun in the long run!


halloween-candy-1014629_1280-800x600Real world Halloween problems : )) Actually, a friend bought a box and left it at my house, at the beginning of Oct, but there is still lots of candy left! Not too shabby.  I have eaten several bars of dark 85% dark chocolate though in the meantime; because who can resist that?  https://www.thebeaverton.com/2016/10/study-average-household-onto-third-box-halloween-candy-now/


Super happy to report zero weight gain over my holidays, even with eating restaurant food much of the time. I tried to make healthy choices, although I am certain I exceeded my 1500 mg/day sodium allowance most days.  Hard to know for sure when you don’t know what is in the food.   Some of it was very salty, even the salads, because they put some very salty spices on the meats in salads (e.g chipotle chicken spice).

I only ran twice in 8 days though, so I expected this would also cause me to gain a bit of weight, but it has not.  Once again, I did walk more on this holiday, as I have on others, and perhaps that is key to keeping things in check during these times.