DASH Diet Weight Loss & Maintenance


images-3Exactly! And your brain will make you miserable on these high protein diets, long term, never mind the terrible breath. Do the DASH diet and love your good healthy carbs and unprocessed food and feel so much better!

It is a lifestyle that can be followed for a lifetime because it feels so amazing to the body!


heavy-thin-woman-150422I took phentermine alone for the first three months of my weight loss process with DASH. I lost 24 pounds in that first three months. My doctor, when he prescribed it for me, said I would not get another prescription for the drug, unless I lost at least 12 pounds in that 3 months.  I easily doubled his request.   However at the three month mark, I decide DASH and exercise were going to be how I needed to live my life from that point forward, so I decided not to ask for renewal of the prescription, in favour of trying to do it with DASH and exercise alone.  And it worked…so well!!

The drug did help me to control my appetite and adjust to the lower calorie intake I embarked on with DASH when I began to try to lose weight, rather than just maintain, with the diet. Being 5 ft 4 inches tall, I used Marla Heller’s advise (DASH diet guru) and chose a daily calorie limit of between 1300-1500 during my 18 month weight loss process with DASH.